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We Provide Election Support in Alaska

Electing the members of a board of directors or passing new bylaws are important matters for many companyies. To help organizations in Alaska perform these key functions in a transparent and secure manner, Fosselman & Associates, CPAs offers election services. 

Organizations We Serve

Any entity with a board and directors can benefit from our election services. Because each entity's bylaws govern the election process, each election is unique.  Fosselman & Associates, CPAs has the dedicated knowledge, industry partnerships and experience required to provide election support to a wide variety of organizations including cooperative utilities, state fairs, and other organizations. 

Examples of Election Services

We begin our election process by reading your organization's bylaws.  This understanding provides the foundation for a transparent, secure and successful election.

The most important benefit we deliver is independence and security. Companies must often employ an independent party and auditable processes to guarantee their elections are not subject to undue influence. Fosselman & Associates, CPAs keeps all aspects of the election safe from external manipulation, information leaks, and other risks.

Our election services range from registration of members, printing and mailing of paper ballots, programming electronic ballots, maintaining an online voting site, and providing auditable ballot counts.  We can even conduct a hybrid election which provides voters with the option of voting by paper ballot or online. 

Whether your organization runs a paper ballot election, an electronic election, or a combination of both, we receive those votes through secure systems. We track ballots from mailing to receipt and tabulate all votes to provide accurate results.

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We supply the same voting machines that are used in Alaska Municipal Elections. Our E-Vote software meets the highest security standards and is used nationwide.

For more information about our various forms of business support, schedule your consultation with us today.  

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